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Richard Ogodeton (Coflo Innovation)

Richard Ogodeton won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in June 2014 for his business, Coflo Innovation.
Entrepreneur: Richard Ogodeton
Business: Coflo Innovation
Location: Sussex

Business Description

Coflo is a social enterprise that focuses on the prevention of water wastage. Every minute of every day, in millions of homes around the world, quality fresh drinking water is lost to the drain due to inefficient showers. Coflo aim to reduce and eventually eradicate the amount of fresh water wasted each year by changing the way we shower. Coflo’s Eco-Shower product is a retrofitted attachment that reduces water wastage by collecting and recycling up to five litres of water as the shower is heating up to optimal temperature. Coflo utilises all water used during the shower and recycles water that is normally wasted during the showering process.
You can find updates on Richard's Ogi Shower project on Twitter @CofloOfficial and on Facebook

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