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Paula Fox (PonyoSquid Ski Apparel) - 2014 Finalist

Paula Fox won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in July 2014 for her business, PonyoSquid Ski Apparel.
Entrepreneur: Paula Fox 
Location: Dundee

Business Description

PonyoSquid is a ski wear brand created to promote sport safety through visibility using a colour-coded concept which identifies the ability level of a skier. PonyoSquid’s colour coded concept directly corresponds with the level of a ski run (i.e. green for beginners, blue for amateurs and red for advanced skiers). Inspired by car fog lights PonyoSquid have integrated various lighting techniques which are also useful for night skiing safety.  Their automated, solar powered light technology activates as soon as visibility is diminished, though it also has a manual button in the cuff. Additionally, the lights have different static or flash frequencies to show when a skier is in distress or if there is an upcoming hazard.