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Yin Noe (Coillection)

Yin Noe won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in March 2019 for her business, Coillection.
Thames Water alone spends £1m+ per month on pipe blockages in London, according to Coillection’s research into the impact of improperly disposed oil in the city1. During further field research, Coillection identified that there are already strict regulations in place for restaurants in the UK to collect their used cooking oil (UCO)2. In the past there have been initiatives such as drop-off points in recycling centres and one-time community gatherings to donate oil, but these have proven to be inconvenient and inconsistent. 
London-based Coillection was founded by Yin Noe in 2017, with her co-founders Pavel Skalin and Kassandra Kanaki, at Imperial College London. The social enterprise deals with the improper disposal of waste cooking oil by households – instead of pouring oil down the drain, Coillection’s technology takes used cooking oil (UCO) and converts it into biodiesel, a carbon neutral fuel and an important renewable energy source. The company’s aim is to revolutionise UCO recycling in the UK by providing an innovative platform for collection, allowing households to save the planet, one drop of oil at a time. 
In the long term, Coillection will reduce the amount of pipe blockages across the nation, allowing households to save thousands of pounds in plumbing costs and millions for Water Companies. In addition, a fundamental part of its mission is to give back to society by using proceeds from the sale of UCO to fund scholarships, improve schools’ infrastructure and increase environmental awareness of the issue. 
The Coillection team won first place in the Imperial Business Pitch 2018 competition, securing their first funding injection of £5,000. Shortly after winning the Imperial Business Pitch, Yin recalls one of their professors encouraging them to sign up for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme.  
“We actually applied in November and didn’t win then, but Shell LiveWIRE gave us a lot of feedback on our application,” explained Yin. The feedback helped them to re-enter the competition in March with the winning application. It also helped them to refocus their business proposal, approaches and future goals. 
The funding Coillection has received so far will allow them to launch their first pilot scheme at the beginning of 2019, which will involve working with schools to establish oil collection points and create a wider environmental awareness campaign for students in Tower Hamlets. Winning a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award is already bringing with it a number of benefits, including coaching and partnership opportunities, and access to networks, workshops and events in the renewable energy space. 
Coillection’s longer term vision includes building a UK-wide network of school collection points and partnerships, with a view to launching its full-scale expansion towards the end of this year. Coillection’s goal for 2020 is to broaden its market and establish partnerships with Water Companies. 

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