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Isabella West (Hirestreet)

Isabella West won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in November 2018 for her business, Hirestreet

Business Description

Hirestreet is the UK's first high street focused fashion rental platform. The rise of social media and the associated reluctance to wear clothing multiple times has led to an increase in financially and environmentally unsustainable fashion consumption. Hirestreet is based on extending the lifetime of an outfit by renting outfits to customers for around 15% of the retail price. Every time a dress is re-worn, its environmental impact is reduced by 44%. By changing a nation’s attitude towards consumption, Hirestreet is aiming to reduce our use of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the fashion industry’s impact on the planet.  
You can follow Hirestreet on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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