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Ehab Sayed (Biohm)

Ehab Sayed won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in June 2018 for his business, Biohm.

Business Description

The construction industry’s conventional approaches to building are failing to meet the needs of rapidly growing cities with widespread housing crises, unhealthy buildings and a devastating impact on the environment. It has failed to adequately respond to climate change and global energy insecurities, consuming over half of the earth’s natural resources and contributing to over 50% of the global environmental impact.
Biohm, a start-up based in London, has come up with a three-pronged offering to solve enduring issues in the construction industry: novel construction systems, bio-based materials and a research department.
Biohm is developing a new form of construction (Triagomy) that uses biomimicry – the production of structures that are modelled on biological entities and processes. It does not require permanent binders or fasteners, allowing buildings to be deconstructed at any stage of their life. This eliminates the need for demolition and makes extensions, downsizing, relocation, recycling and re-use a much easier process. It only uses natural, bio-based and breathable materials and assessments. Comparing Triagomy with traditional construction methods show reductions of up 120% in a building’s environmental impact, up to 70% in costs and around 95% in build times.
All their construction aims to use four bio-based materials that are currently being tested: mycelium (a form of fungus which consumes organic and synthetic waste to grow into desired shapes), organic refuse biocompound (food waste or agricultural waste that is bound into a material which can be formed into sheets or moulded to create intricate three-dimensional shapes), plant based concrete (low-energy alternative to concrete that consumes waste and carbon during production), and biological self-assembly (biological self-assembly in proteins on a nano-scale). They complement this with a research and services department that gives products and services a solid foundation and allows them to continuously develop and explore various avenues.
In June 2018, the company was awarded £5,000 as the winners of the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award. Ehab Sayed, founder and director of innovation, explained why they chose the Shell LiveWIRE programme: “Shell LiveWIRE is one of the few awards that are open to ideas that are out there and not already on the market. For a company who doesn’t have the resources yet but has a great idea, it gives you the credibility you need at the early stage of your business proposal.”
Ehab’s one piece of advice to future entrepreneurs is to have a really strong philosophy: “The finer details of our business have changed, but the philosophy has stayed the same – using nature to reduce environmental and social impact. Every time we do a talk we end up with a new lead, purely down to having that vision.”


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