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George Kalligeros (Pushme Bikes)

George Kalligeros won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in April 2018 for his business, Pushme Bikes.

Business Description

Pushme Bikes is disrupting the on-demand delivery industry with quick electric bike conversion and battery swap stations. Self-employed delivery couriers convert their conventional bicycles to electric in under five minutes using Pushme Bike’s innovative device. Low battery alerts are sent directly to users’ smartphones, telling the rider to head to the nearest battery swap station (pushpod), located within local convenience stores, to switch their depleted battery for a fully charged one, a process that takes ten seconds. Pushme Bike’s two products, a plug & play bicycle converter and a network of accessible pushpods, aim to tempt couriers away from petrol scooters and towards cleaner, equally efficient, transport options.
You can follow Pushme Bike on Twitter @pushmebike and on Facebook.

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