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Josh Burton (Metronome Energy)

Josh Burton won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in December 2017 for his business, Metronome Energy.
When demand for electricity is particularly high – for example at half time during an England World Cup game when everyone has the TV on and boils the kettle – the national grid becomes strained and supply is unable to meet demand.
To deal with this, older, more polluting power stations are activated to increase electricity supply. Not only are these generators less efficient, they also have a negative impact on the environment, releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
Metronome Energy, a London-based start-up, eliminates the need for fossil fuel generators by providing a technology that balances electricity supply and demand. Based on Demand-Side Response (DSR), the business uses existing power consuming assets, to provide flexibility at almost zero cost.
Metronome Energy’s low-cost technology – which they claim operates at 1% of the cost of other DSR services – generates live data on their customers’ energy usage and uses that data to discover flexibility. From this, and through devices installed on-site, Metronome facilitates switching assets on and off at peak times, helping to balance the grid elsewhere, all the while never interrupting supply that affects the customers’ output. This flexibility reduces the average peak energy prices, resulting in savings for all consumers.  On top of that, the asset owner is remunerated for their efforts.

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