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Thomas Fudge (WASE)

Thomas Fudge won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in January 2018 for his business, WASE.

Business Description

Studies have shown that the operation of centralised wastewater treatment plants results in direct emissions, from biological processes of greenhouse gases (GHG), such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O), contributing to climate change and air pollution.1
WASE, a start up from London, has developed a wastewater treatment system that can be installed on their customers’ sites to turn wastewater into renewable energy. Wastewater contains an abundance of energy, but typical wastewater treatment systems require a lot of energy to remove the organic waste before it can be discharged, as well as producing significant carbon emissions.
WASE’s system is the embodiment of the circular economy: it treats customers’ wastewater, before producing a biogas that can be used to generate electricity and heat. Customers are then able to reuse the treated water and energy on-site, lowering the carbon impact of their processes. The leftover nutrients from the wastewater are also turned into fertiliser.
WASE believes that their technology can treat wastewater 15 times quicker than Anaerobic Digestion – the most common wastewater treatment and energy recovery technology – and is currently being trialled in a UK brewery, treating by-products of the brewing process.
Apart from limited funds through a Climate-KIC accelerator, Tom has almost entirely funded the business from his own savings. In January 2018, the company was awarded a further £5,000 as the winner of a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award. 
Tom believes that assembling a team as quickly as possible is very important for the success of a start-up: “My advice to a would-be entrepreneur is to find people who share your vision and start to build a team around them. It’s very difficult to scale the business up without a team that believes in the business and is willing to put their heart and soul in too.”
You can follow WASE on Twitter @wasetechnology and on Facebook.

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