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Thomas Fudge (WASE)

Thomas Fudge won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in January 2018 for his business, WASE.

Business Description

WASE has a decentralised sanitation system to treat wastewater onsite, producing a hydrogen-based biogas (H2, CH4 & CO2) while removing the pollutants in wastewater. The treatment process is carried out with microbial electrolysis cells that use a biofilm to break down the organic compounds. With the addition of their electrochemical process, WASE can produce hydrogen with higher efficiencies than water electrolysis. WASE also recovers the nutrients within the wastewater to be reused in fertilisers, and the water can either be discharged safely back into the environment or recirculated on site reducing water consumption.
You can follow WASE on Twitter @wasetechnology and on Facebook.

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