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Hugo Tilmouth (ChargedUp)

Hugo Tilmouth won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in June 2017 for his business, Innovate Energy.
Burning fossil fuels to generate conventional electricity is responsible for 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions – the UK’s single biggest source 1. And using that electricity to charge our mobile phones is estimated to cost phone owners in the UK around £314 million per year 2.
Innovate Energy was founded by Hugo Tilmouth at Exeter University; now branded as ChargedUp, the company aims to reduce the cost and carbon footprint of our smart phone use in the UK. Hugo and the team are in the process of building a network of vending machines that dispense reusable and recyclable battery packs powered completely by green energy.
The concept is simple. Mobile phone users will be able to rent a battery pack from a network of small vending machines across London via an app, at the cost of £1 an hour. Once their phone is fully charged – it charges at double the speed of a standard power bank they will be able to drop the battery pack off at another vending machine of their choice. Importantly, both the battery packs and the vending machines will be 100% powered by green energy through a partnership with Ecotricity – the UK’s largest supplier of green energy.
It’s not just about helping people keep their phones charged, though. Hugo also hopes to raise general awareness about green energy supply in the UK:By offsetting electricity use by partnering with a green energy supplier, we’re also hoping to educate people about green energy and increase the number of people who use it.”
You can follow ChargedUp on Twitter and Facebook.
Pictured Left to Right: Hakeem Buge, Hugo Tilmouth and Chris Aoun

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