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Giuseppe Baidoo (OOZE Drinks)

Giuseppe Baidoo won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in July 2017 for his business, OOZE Drinks.
According to Wrap, each year 90,000 tonnes of produce in the UK is sent to landfill 1. The Soil Association estimates that, in the UK, as much as 20-40% of this is food produce, particularly fruit and vegetables, which is rejected simply because it doesn't look quite right 2.
Research has found that across the UK, a staggering 92% of 18-24 year olds throw away fruit and veg each week, which is 17% more than the UK average (75%) and 30% more than those aged 65+ (62%) 3.
OOZE Drinks is a London-based start-up formed by three students, which is trying to tackle two huge sustainability issues: food waste and plastic waste. The concept is simple: they take unwanted fruit and vegetables from local markets in London, such as Spitalfields, and turn them into natural juice drinks. OOZE buys produce from traders that would otherwise have been thrown away at a discount price, something that Giuseppe Baidoo, the company’s co-founder, first learnt to do whilst undertaking community charity work in his native Italy.
But Giuseppe also wants the business to tackle plastic and packaging waste – something he sees as being of particular importance. As a result, all of OOZE's juice drinks come packaged in glass bottles, rather than plastic. “Some organisations talk about being sustainable but still use plastic bottles,” explains Giuseppe. “We want to be 100% sustainable and contribute to tackling this big issue”.
You can follow OOZE Drinks on Twitter and Facebook.

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