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Douglas Martin (MiAlgae)

Douglas Martin won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in May 2017 for his business, MiAlgae,

Business Description

MiAlgae is a novel microalgae production company that aims to revolutionize the £340 billion global livestock feed industry by producing microalgal products through the remediation of wastewater. These microalgal products will be used as nutrient substitutes for fishmeal in livestock feeds. By integrating nutrient recycling into the production process, MiAlgae is able to reduce the production costs of a product that has significant value, all the while reducing the pressure on our vital fish stocks and reducing nutrient pollution of fresh water systems.  The business’ products will significantly decrease the environmental impact of this industry while simultaneously cleaning up Scotland’s fresh water. 

You can follow MiAlgae on Twitter.

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