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Douglas Martin (MiAlgae)

Douglas Martin won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in May 2017 for his business, MiAlgae,
Global production of farmed fish and shellfish has more than doubled in the past 15 years¹. Farming fish on this scale requires large quantities of wild fish to be used as feed. Currently, almost 40% of global fishmeal comes from Peru and Chile, leading to decreased wild fish supplies in the region and environmental damage due to global transportation².
MiAlgae, an Edinburgh based start-up, wants to eliminate the livestock industry’s reliance on fishmeal by growing microalgae rich in omega 3 and other nutrients which can be used as substitute feed. As the omega 3 found in fish – a key proponent of fishmeal – comes from algae in the first place, MiAlgae cuts out the need to deplete wild fish supplies and instead goes straight to the source.
MiAlgae catches nutrients from wastewater sources, such as by-products from whiskey production, and uses it to grow microalgae high in phosphates and nitrates, which is then used as a supplement in livestock feed. Whilst there are others who make alternative forms of feed, they don’t employ circular economy principles, says Douglas Martin, founder of MiAlgae: “We use other industries’ waste, create microalgae from it, whilst also cleaning the wastewater. It’s the embodiment of the circular economy.”
You can follow MiAlgae on Twitter.

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