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Irina Fedorenko (Kindness Collective)

Irina Fedorenko won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in March 2017 for her business, Kindness Collective
Pollution of water supplies by modern-day detergents is proving to be hugely damaging, both to people and to the natural environment. Phosphates – a common component of detergents – cause eutrophication, a process by which a freshwater aquatic ecosystem slowly dies due to continual oxygen depletion.1 Currently, around 16% of phosphates released into UK rivers is through the use of detergents that flow into the sewage system”.2 
Kindness Collective, which won the Smarter Future Award as BubbleNut Wash, co-founded by Oxford PhD student, Irina Fedorenko, is trying to tackle damaging chemical detergents by developing a range of natural detergents made from the Sapindaceae berry – commonly known as a soapnut – that grows in the Himalayas. Soapnuts provide a natural alternative to chemical-intensive products, thereby decreasing the amount of harmful chemicals released into the environment.
Soapnut trees grow in abundance in wild forests, and natives to the region have used them for millennia due to their exceptional cleaning properties. Using them in their natural form is complicated, so Kindness Collective has created a unique formula that makes their solution as easy to use as any other laundry detergent.
When using chemical detergents, the ‘grey water’ – the water residue from washing machines and dishwashers – is not only dangerous to the environment, but also goes to waste. By using Kindness Collective products, the water can be recycled and used as fertilisers in gardens, for example.
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