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Mason Holden (Urbanminded)

Mason Holden won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in February 2015 for his business, Urbanminded.
As a keen urban cyclist, Mason Holden is aware of the security challenges facing cyclists across the UK. The lack of publicly available, secure locking systems means cyclists constantly worry about the threat of theft.  

Urbanminded, previously known as Admium, was founded by Mason, along with fellow Glasgow University students Michael Evans and Daniel Harkin, to provide cyclists with an innovative and practical solution to cycle security. Its flagship product, BikeVault, is a bike locking system which uses street furniture (such as benches), allowing users to park their bike in a secure structure built into the ground. Instead of charging users for the service, BikeVault is funded through advertising space, and is operated through a downloadable app.

The idea for BikeVault is the result of the founders’ engineering and design backgrounds. The idea emerged after the three partners took part in a NESTA design competition called ‘Hands Off My Bike,’ which challenged students to invent a new bike locking system. Drawing on the fact that bike locks are lightweight and easily cut, the Urbanminded team realised that permanent bike locks built into street furniture structures could revolutionise cycling in UK cities.

A priority for Mason and the team was to make sure the street furniture was both attractive and able to be easily integrated into existing buildings. Urbanminded believe that making locking docks visually engaging will help boost cycling in cities, and placing the docks prominently on streets will increase awareness of cycling.

You can follow Urbanminded on Twitter or Facebook.

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