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Adam Meekings (Penumbra Power)

Adam Meekings won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in April 2015 for his business, Penumbra Power.
Looking at his car engine, 25-year-old entrepreneur Adam Meekings saw the potential for doing something different. What if, rather than capturing greenhouse gas emissions produced from combustion in the vehicle’s exhaust, fuel could be pre-treated in the engine before emissions were even produced. The answer: Penumbra Power’s pre-treatment technology, powered by heat generated in the exhaust, to cost-effectively reduce vehicle emissions.
The innovation could have greatest use for the 468,900 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) on UK roads.1 Currently HGVs use a treatment solution – Adblue – to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen and comply with EU regulations, adding an annual operating cost of over £1,000 per vehicle.

Adam’s innovation will reduce the requirement for Adblue and the precious metals in existing Selective Catalytic Reduction systems. This will reduce cost compared with current treatment technologies. “The current technology available is expensive to purchase and to run. With pre-treatment technology haulage operators will be able to comply with EU emissions regulations more effectively and at a lower cost.”

Adam has the goal of positioning Penumbra Power as a potential tier one supplier to large HGV manufacturers including Skanya and Oveco. The technology can be retrofitted to existing fleet vehicles and fitted during the manufacturing process. “It’s a disruptive technology which could be a game changer in the way we treat vehicle emissions in the UK and globally,” Adam says.

Having previously worked for JCB and then an engineering consultancy, Adam’s task now is to steer his technology through a 3-5 year development lead time.                                     

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