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Fergus Moore (Revive Eco)

Fergus Moore won January's Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award and was a finalist for the 2016 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
According to figures from the International Coffee Organisation, approximately 500,000 tonnes of coffee ground waste ends up in landfill every year in the UK. Not satisfied with the status quo, a trio from Glasgow found an innovative way to breathe new life into the waste, helping to create a circular economy for coffee. 
Established in 2015, start-up Revive Eco transforms coffee ground waste into fertilisers and biomass pellets that can be used as a low carbon heating source. The model is simple. The Revive Eco team collects used coffee grounds from coffee shops across Scotland, which is then taken to their bio-refinery. Here, the natural bio-oils from the grounds are extracted, leaving a carbon-rich by-product. 
22-year-old Fergus Moore, Revive Eco Co-Founder and Director, explains: “My two co-founders, Scott and Rebecca, and I worked in cafes, restaurants and bars at university, and saw first-hand how much coffee goes to waste on a daily basis. Creating Revive Eco was our way of addressing the issue.” 
The trio have already partnered with a local coffee chain and a number of independent coffee stores in Glasgow Revive Eco has also successfully piloted their fertiliser in several garden centres across the UK. The challenge now is to get production to an industrial scale, and expand out across Scotland more widely – which is where funding from Shell LiveWIRE came in.
“The Shell LiveWIRE programme is a perfect fit for our business, given its focus on helping young entrepreneurs. Aside from the funding, we greatly benefited from the recognition that comes with winning an award from a distinguished company that is innovating in the low-carbon space,” says Fergus. 
As the January winner of the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award, Revive Eco received £5,000. The company was invited to participate in a Shell Accelerator workshop held in partnership with WIRED at Make the Future London festival in July 2016. 
The team plans to use recent funding to help open a pilot coffee bio-refinery in Glasgow with the help of Zero Waste Scotland, enabling them to recycle large amounts of waste from across the city and surrounding areas. After that, Revive Eco will be focusing on research for how else the bio-oils extracted from the coffee grounds can be used, such as ingredients for cosmetics and food flavourings.  
You can follow Revive Eco on Twitter or on Facebook.

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