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Carlton Cummins (Aceleron)

Carlton Cummins won July's Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award and the 2016 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
Over the next three to four years in the UK, nearly three million kilograms of battery waste is expected to come from electric vehicles purchased within the last five years. Given recent legislative support for low emissions transport, and projected sales of electric vehicles, this number is expected to increase exponentially. However, there are currently no facilities in the UK for the large volume recycling of these types of batteries. As a result, they are shipped overseas, at a significant cost.
Aceleron is looking to address this issue, while providing affordable energy storage solutions. It’s simple design, assembly process and cost effectiveness makes it perfect for the developing world. The design would allow solar panel installers to maintain lithium ion batteries instead of being required to order entire battery packs due to a few faulty cells.
Founded by Carlton Cummins and Dr. Amrit Chandan, Aceleron is developing technology to transform end-of-life lithium batteries into safe, cost-effective energy storage applications like battery packs for wheelchairs or energy storage batteries for homes.
To achieve this, the start-up has focused on three primary developments. First, Aceleron developed a testing process to identify which batteries are viable for reuse, and to measure how much energy is stored in them. In a field trial conducted with Brunel University, Aceleron found the cells from lithium batteries going to landfill could still have up to 89% of their original capacity. Second, Aceleron developed robust assembly hardware which allows the viable cells (the part of the battery that stores energy) to be repackaged for new applications like energy storage. The third and final development is a unique battery management system (BMS) which Aceleron has designed to ensure the battery cells operate safely in their new applications.
Aside from home energy storage - where battery packs are often used as to supplement renewable energy sources - and help households use energy more efficiently, other applications Carlton has in mind for repackaged batteries are light mobility items such as electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 
The inspiration for Aceleron came directly from Carlton’s studies as a sustainability and entrepreneurialism student, combined with his three years of experience working in renewable energy in his native Barbados. 
You can follow Aceleron on Twitter.

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