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Mohammed Shah (POW)

Mohammed Shah won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in December 2016 for his business, POW.
According to Transport for London, the capital’s population is expected to rise from 8.6 million in 2017 to nearly 10 million by 2030.1 As a result, nearly two million more people will be living in and making journeys around the city. With air pollution levels at a record high, the environmental impact of such a population increase on London’s already overstretched transport system will be huge. 
Mohammed Shah’s believes his business, IDK UNO, can help to reduce this problem. He has launched a new project called ‘POW’, aimed at encouraging more people to use personal low-range electric vehicles, specifically e-bikes. Mohammed was inspired by his own personal experience using electric bicycles and the high costs associated with replacing batteries.
Through a subscription model, POW allows customers to reduce the cost of owning and operating e-bikes. POW has been so effective at cutting costs that the service is cheaper than the cost of a bus pass. IDK UNO also offers a service where it converts regular bikes into e-bikes. 
“The goal is for IDK UNO to be the catalyst for personal electrical vehicle adaptation in London” explains Mohammed. “Air pollution in London has reached dangerous levels, and e-bikes can make a huge environmental impact. They can also be safer than regular bikes as you expend less energy using an e-bike and therefore you can concentrate more effectively on oncoming traffic”.
Currently, e-bikes retail between £600 and £1,500. POW’s service provides more affordable access to e-bikes, aiming to eradicate upfront costs with a subscription model that also includes servicing and insurance. 
You can follow POW on Twitter.

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