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Sylvia Sun (GreenRide Sharing)

Sylvia Sun won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in November 2016 for her business, GreenRide Sharing.
According to an INRIX study, London is the most congested city in Europe with drivers spending over one hundred hours a year sitting in traffic.1 The resulting environmental impact is huge. Air pollution in London has been described by the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, as ‘shameful’. NO2 a toxic gas, is released by diesel vehicles and levels in London have remained the same since the early 2000s.
In response to this, Sylvia Sun and Martin Orme, founders of GreenRide Sharing, were inspired to create a mobile app that could reduce the number of cars on the road, in turn reducing congestion as well as NO2 emissions. 
GreenRide allows drivers to pick up and drop off passengers along the way. Sylvia, a qualified actuary, created a complex algorithm allowing drivers to match with passengers in real time, calculate the driver’s detour limits and find the best match. The app gives drivers the opportunity to receive a cost contribution towards the running of their car. This income is not taxable and no special license is required.  
You can follow GreenRide Sharing on  Facebook.


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