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Rosemary Francis (Ellexus) - 2011 Finalist

Rosemary Francis won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for March 2011 with her business Ellexus.
Entrepreneur: Rosemary Francis
Business: Ellexus
Location: Cambridge

Business Description

Ellexus is a software company that provides software development and debugging tools designed to help engineers understand and control the way complex pieces of software work together.
In many processes, large programs have to be controlled and glued together using mini-programs called scripts. These scripts work like recipes and are usually small, but the system can get complex when there are lots of scripts in different computer languages that all work together.
The Ellexus product detects the way these complex systems interact with files and programs. They put this information into a graph so that engineers can follow the flow of data and can see all the components in their system working together. This means they spend less time reading the scripts whenever they need to understand a new system or make a change. They can also use the graph to automatically document the system so they can share it with others.

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