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Jennifer Duthie (Skribbies Ltd) - 2013 Finalist

Jennifer Duthie won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in April 2013 for her business, Skribbies Ltd.
Entrepreneur: Jennifer Duthie

Business: Skribbies Ltd

Location: Blackpool

Business Description

Skribbies are kids shoes that can be customised everyday from new, much like a whiteboard for shoes. Skribbies have been created with a specially formulated shoe surface and pens that allow kids to draw on their shoes over and over again. Skribbies bring clothing customisation into the 21st century. Every pair of shoes comes with a pack of six pens, monster stickers and a wristband. Use the pens and stickers to customise your shoes and the wristband to wipe off drawings and store a pen for customisation on the go.
You can follow Jennifer Duthie on Twitter @Skribbies or on Facebook.

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