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Joanna Montgomery (Little Riot) - 2011 Finalist

Joanna Montgomery won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for May 2011 with her business Little Riot.
Entrepreneur: Joanna Montgomery
Business: Little Riot
Location: Edinburgh

Business Description

Little Riot is a new interaction design company aiming to connect people with technology through design. The business is currently developing Pillow Talk, a product that aims to enable couples separated by distance to network. By using technology to suggest ‘presence’, Pillow Talk provides an intimate and engaging interaction that is entirely physical as opposed to being screen-based. The concept of ‘digital intimacy’ is going to be huge – people are starting to expect more from technology and Pillow Talk provides that. The concept is hugely scalable and can be applied to other relationships, such as that between mothers and babies.
The business aims to take Pillow Talk to market and establish Little Riot as the leader in the field for digital intimacy products in the hope that the company will become a recognised platform from which to develop and launch further products and concepts. The company wants to continue to push boundaries, designing and developing exciting and innovative ways for people to communicate and connect.
You can keep up to date with Pillow Talk and other news from Joanna's business Little Riot on Twitter @littleriotltd

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