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Isabel Lizardi (Bare Conductive) - 2011 Finalist

Isabel Lizardi and Matt Johnson won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for March 2011 with their business Bare Conductive.
Entrepreneurs: Isabel Lizardi and Matt Johnson
Business: Bare Conductive
Location: London

Business Description

Bare Conductive Ltd. has developed a patent pending technology that delivers a new platform for flexible electronics, and is the only skin-safe and non-toxic conductive ink available to consumers today. Developed as a soft interface for electronic devices, Bare is unique among conductive inks because it is non-toxic, flexible, water soluble, and cures at room temperature.
Bare Conductive Ltd.'s goal is to commercialise this material and bring it to the consumer market. The Company's unique platform technology allows users to explore a wide range of prototyping and R&D projects in both the consumer and technology sectors.  Bare Conductive Ltd. will offer a safe and accessible product for both professional and private individuals seeking consumer friendly conductive materials.  From its inception the company has sought to keep environmental impact to a minimum. Wherever possible the company strives to use materials that are renewable and innocuous. In addition to this, the company believes that as a water-soluble ink, the technology will encourage re-use of complementary technologies and substrates, thereby minimizing environmental impact.
You can follow Bare Conductive on Twitter @BareConductive

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