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Christopher Yeomans (Estriatus Energy) - 2011 Finalist

Christopher Yeomans won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for May 2011 with his business Estriatus Energy.
Entrepreneur: Christopher Yeomans

Business: Estriatus Energy

Location: West Midlands

Business Description

Christopher Yeoman's Estriatus Energy has designed, patented and built a completely new type of renewable energy generator: the Drag-On Turbine. The Drag-On is a floating hydro-turbine powered by the drag force of moving water in a river. Hydro power runs consistently all year round, and the Drag-On self-adjusts with changing water levels and flow speeds.
It needs no dam or other permanent structure to cement it into place, meaning it does not impede the migration of fish or divert the water course. The Drag-On is a vegetarian; it doesn’t harm fish or other wildlife. It is also an eco-warrior, with a carbon saving of over 70 tonnes per turbine per year. Hugely environmentally friendly, each turbine prevents 3506 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere over 5 years.
Each Drag-On can generate 8kW of power every hour, enough to run 2.5 British homes. We aim to build and install Drag-On Turbines on the properties of others, offering them free electricity in return for their grid connection.