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A Small Organisation’s Thoughts on the IOD

Tue, 28 October 2014

Contributed by Victoria Robinson, founder of Smarti Paints
After attending the IOD conference held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on the 3rd of October I am left feeling very inspired. Not only was the atmosphere great, the speakers were a true inspiration to all of us fellow start-up entrepreneurs!
The speaker who inspired me the most was Susan from American Express. Not only did she know the business market inside out, she wasn’t short on sharing her experiences with us. For me this was very useful as I have a social enterprise that teaches people with disabilities. So learning from larger organisations with life related experiences can really add value to my own learning. I like Susan’s reference to the three P’s – people, passion and perspective! Susan went on to explain how these relate to the wider business and the importance of each of these within an organisation. I could relate to each one of these and it really made me evaluate the way I value my own business. Below is a photo of Susan making her speech which really did leave me feeling truly motivated, inspired and, above all, valued. 
The whole conference was a full day on motivational speakers, inspiring leaders like Andy Bird from the famous Disney providing an insight to the challenges Disney faced and overcame! Andy was very informative and the knowledge he has is amazing. His facts and figures really make you appreciate the work that goes into each Disney film. 
Check out our Twitter page @smartipaints where you can find some photos and inspiring quotes from some of the other leaders which captured my thoughts on the IOD conference!

About Victoria Robinson (Founder of Smarti Paints)

Victoria is the founder of Smarti Paints, a social enterprise which was set up to provide adults with disabilities access to social activities that promote social interaction and the learning of new crafting skills within a comfortable environment. Through their classes, the business aims to help promote independent choice and the development of social skills and crafting techniques.
You can follow Smarti Paints on Twitter @SmartiPaints



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