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Building the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Tue, 14 October 2014

Contributed by Isa Mutlib, founder of Muslimpreneur
A lesson in life that I learnt the hard way many times is to grab every opportunity available to you. So when I came across the Shell LiveWIRE post about winning tickets to the Institute of Director’s Annual Convention, it was a competition I could not refuse. I entered. So did many others, and I won. 
Arriving at the convention, networking sessions began straight away. Networking is a crucial element to any person who wants to venture out into business. Networking allows an individual to communicate who they are and what values they offer as an individual. A crucial business lesson: use networking as a means to building relationships and a network, not to sell a product/service.
The whole convention was around the concept of game changers in business. A vast array of business leaders took to the stage to share their key message on why they were a game changer in their industry and what it means to be a game changer. Every speaker delivered an outstanding presentation empowering and inspiring thousands of businessmen and women to be disruptive in their industry and create change. Sharing a personal opinion, Andy Bird (Chairman of Disney) was very impressive. The precise synchrony of his presentation, to the words he spoke, to the message he delivered, defined perfection.  An important business lesson: presenting your concept effectively to the right audience can be the difference between one sale and one hundred sales. It was a great lesson to take away and reassess whether we are effectively communicating our message or not.
As young entrepreneurs, we must not be shy when starting a business. We need to seek as much help as possible. The convention put emphasis on current leaders being leaders for the next generation of business leaders. We are the next generation. We have the ability to create change and be game changers in our own fields. Approach and learn from experts. They are willing to help if you show the willingness to learn. 
Overall, the conference taught us a lot about the importance of people and building bridges with others to build personal knowledge and experience. Building a network is crucial to getting your new brand and concept out there. Ultimately, it’s not about who you know but who knows you.
I would like to thank Shell LiveWIRE for this absolutely amazing opportunity which allowed me to expand my networks and gain a lot of knowledge from leaders from many industries. I would also like to thank Alex Mitchell and everyone at the IoD for granting us this grand opportunity.

About Isa Mutlib (Founder of Muslimpreneur)

Isa Mutlib is a 23 year old former researcher into cancer turned entrepreneur. He runs a small company called Muslimpreneur UK which brings a disruptive form of training and development into many industries through his Game Changers Programme.  His programme injects creativity into companies  for greater development as a whole.

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