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Why it is important for entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions to the world’s resource challenges

Tue, 09 September 2014

Contributed by Coflo Innovation founder, Richard Ogodeton
It is predicted that by 2025 1.8 billion people could be short of water, with two-thirds of the world’s population experiencing stressed or restricted supplies (UN Environmental, programme, 2007).
The growth of technology has turned small start-ups into some of the most influential businesses in the world. Behind these businesses are more often young visionary entrepreneurs who grew up with these technologies and who are now best positioned to direct the future of sustainable innovation. 
We can all make changes to help conserve the environment. We can turn off lights, use energy-saving bulbs, drive economically, only boil the water that we need – we could even buy a green car and get solar panels. All of these things are brilliant solutions, but someone has to create the next generation of energy-saving products. Why it is important for entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions to resource challenges? In short, because someone has to, and entrepreneurs possess the motivation, determination and ability to make great things happen.
Entrepreneurs get excited, get motivated, and get results. Applying the attributes of the entrepreneur and looking at existing resource problems as business challenges is a great way to build a business and rapidly address and resolve these difficulties. Sometimes a large-scale government/big business funded solution is needed to revolutionise the way that we work as a society, and that can be great, but on the other hand, small businesses and individuals can make a big difference. If you, the budding entrepreneur, want to contribute and help build a more resource responsible society, then why not develop a product that allows people to do that? There is a real market for people who share your enthusiasm for driving toward a better world where we can use cleverly thought out, small scale, ideas to change the way that we currently consume resources. The best part is, you can do this now. You don’t have to wait until after college or take courses on entrepreneurship – just to do. Remember, the hardest thing is to stop making excuses and just start!  
At Colfo we believe that we can offer a product which is capable of reducing the amount of water that people consume through showering. We’re not suggesting that we can solve the world’s water problems with a simple shower product, but with enough small changes from businesses like ours, and others, we can take a step in the right direction.  
It is not only important to conserve resources, but rewarding too. It is very gratifying being part of a start-up which is not only attempting to conserve water through innovative products, but also trying to change the way that people think about resource usage in general. Obviously we want the business to be a success, but we hope that as people see our product in use, they will be inspired to assess their own resource usage and take steps to improve it – even if it has nothing to do with our product. 
Of course, even if you’re not convinced of the importance of saving resources using small scale innovative technologies then there is always the financial benefit – saving water, funnily enough, saves you money! 
At Colfo we are excited to see what the future holds for our business in the long and short-term. Right now we are concentrating on launching our first product which we hope will have a real effect on the way that people use resources. 

About Richard Ogodeton (Founder of Coflo Innovation Ltd)

Richard is the founder of Coflo, a social enterprise that focuses on the prevention of water wastage. Every minute of every day, in millions of homes around the world, quality fresh drinking water is lost to the drain due to inefficient showers. Coflo aim to reduce and eventually eradicate the amount of fresh water wasted each year by changing the way we shower. Coflo’s Eco-Shower product is a retrofitted attachment that reduces water wastage by collecting and recycling up to five litres of water as the shower is heating up to optimal temperature. Coflo utilises all water used during the shower and recycles water that is normally wasted during the showering process.

You can follow Coflo on Twitter @CofloOfficial

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