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Mohammed Shah Wins December's Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award!

Wed, 01 February 2017

Mohammed Shah won December’s Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award for his business, IDK UNO.
POW is a new project by IDK which aims to accelerate the adoption of personal low range electric vehicles, specifically e-bikes. Through a smart rack and subscription model, similar to the EV industry battery hire model, the business aims to make e-bikes cheaper than a bus pass. The smart rack allows the business to monitor the health of the battery remotely in real time and provide a modular platform for many uses, such as health and security services modules. POW is also aiming to provide a further subsidy to eligible commuters through its ad-scheme, where a digital display module will be attached to the smart rack that will show ads based on the users location. POW will enable the adoption of e-bikes which will have wide ranging implications for the transport landscape. 

Commiserations to James Okwudili (Vibro Ultra), Samuel Rogers (Braw Power), Rebecca Sloan (Piddle Patch) and Karina Sudenyte (Wonky Drinks) who were shortlisted but did not win this time and are encouraged to reapply. 
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