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Meet the Final 8 for the 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Tue, 28 October 2014

One of the innovative young entrepreneurs listed below will walk away with the title, trophy and £10,000 for their business on 18th November. Who do you think it will be?
On 18 November, Daniel Murray was announced the winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and took home the title and £10,000 in funding. The judges also recognised Samuel Etherington of Aqua Power Technologies, who took home £5,000 in funding and was awarded the Shell LiveWIRE Future Impact Award. All 8 finalists will receive mentoring from a Shell Business Development Executive and a member of the Shell LiveWIRE Alumni.
Meet the 8 Finalists for the 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 
Michael Corrigan (trtl) 
trtl (pronounced ‘turtle’) have created the next generation of travel pillow – the trtl sleepscarf.  It is supportive and comfortable, allowing traveller’s to sleep for up to 8 hours in economy class. It looks just like a scarf so it’s more elegant than a travel pillow, is incredibly light, and packs easily inside or outside your luggage. trtl are currently stocked in The Excess Baggage Company,  Terminals 4 and 5 of Heathrow Airport, St Pancras International, and will soon be stocked in Terminal 2 of Heathrow and Madrid Airports.
You can follow him on Twitter @TrtlPillow
Samuel Etherington (Aqua Power Technologies)
Aqua Power Technologies is developing an innovative, financially feasible, and mechanically sound solution to convert wave energy into electricity. The wave energy converters are deployed within the offshore environment, anchored and left to generate energy from the natural power of the waves. The multi-axis nature of the design is its unique selling point and key novel design invention. The structure’s ability to absorb all the forces being applied to it not only increases its power generating potential, but also helps to provide a longer duration in service, due to the lack of stress being applied to the structure. 
You can follow him on Twitter @AquaPowerTech
Paula Fox (PonyoSquid Ski Apparel) 
PonyoSquid is a sportswear brand created to promote sport safety through visibility using a colour-coded concept which identifies the ability level of a skier. PonyoSquid’s colour coded concept directly corresponds with the level of a ski run (i.e. green for beginners, blue for amateurs and red for advanced skiers).  Their automated, solar powered light technology activates as soon as visibility is diminished, though it also has a manual button in the cuff. Additionally, the lights have different static or flash frequencies to show when a skier is in distress or if there is an upcoming hazard.
You can follow her on Twitter @PonyoSquid
Ian LeBruce (Cappuccino Ads) 
Cappuccino Ads print portable advertising on takeaway coffee cups and distribute them to independent coffee shops in the city centres of Edinburgh and Glasgow, with plans to expand to the rest of Scotland. The advertiser gets their brand in the hands of their targeted demographic, the coffee shops get free takeaway coffee cups (removing one of their biggest costs), and the business cuts down on waste as they use locally sourced cups which are completely compostable.
You can follow him on Twitter @CappuccinoAds
Daniel Murray (Grabble)  
Grabble lets online shoppers save their favourite fashion products from any other site and organise into personalised collections, using the business’ ‘Grab’ button. The service also sends online shoppers sale alerts on items they are interested in, enhancing their browsing experience. The business enables retailers to sell online and leverage their existing social media communities to share collections of their favourite or relevant products without any technical integration, cost or time expense. The business currently has 50,000+ products in its listing, all of which have been ‘grabbed’ from a retailer’s website or added by the retailer. 
You can follow him on Twitter @Grabble
Styliana Vasili (Viva la Vita) 
Viva la Vita aims to provide a new, fun and easy way to book fitness classes. Viva la Vita have created an app which refreshes daily to provide a shortlist of the best fitness classes happening in London today and tomorrow. Bookings are easily made through the app and proof of purchase is stored within the application as a ticket for reference and admittance. Viva la Vita have successfully partnered with 40 fitness providers, including member only gyms which have agreed to waiver this requirement for app users. Viva la Vita hope to expand and introduce their app into other cities, such as New York, once they have successfully launched in London.
You can follow her on Twitter @VivalaVitaUK
Edward Ward (Veglo)
Veglo aims to be the leaders in personal safety illumination. Veglo want to not only provide bike lights, but also revolutionise the way in which they are used by cyclists in the hope of creating a safer cycling environment. Veglo currently has one product ready to take to market, the commuter X4, which is a wearable, fibre optic rear light that can be worn around any size backpack or across your shoulders. It creates a unique X-shape which, unlike a single point light, allows drivers to more accurately judge the distance, width and speed of cyclists.
You can follow him on Twitter @veglobikelights 
Nigel Westwood (Avélére)
Avélére have created the first range of fashion display furniture for the home. Avélére want people to use their clothes to brighten up their houses and show their individuality, not hide them away in mass-produced wardrobes. Their products range from practical shoe storage solutions – using shoes as art around the home – to open wardrobes which hang from your ceiling, offering more space and easier access to clothes. All components for Avélére's products are supplied by a network of UK specialists which allows them to provide great quality products at affordable prices.
You can follow him on Twitter @AvelereDesign
Our expert panel of judges will now have the difficult task of deciding who will be crowned winner! The judging panel includes:
Follow us on Twitter on the 18th of November for live updates and to find out who will take home the £10,000 and the title of 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year!