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April 2013's Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Winners Announced!

Mon, 03 June 2013

These four young entrepreneurs each won a £1000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for April! Find out more about their innovative ideas here...
Chris Hale (AcclimatiseMe)
AcclimatiseMe provides simulated altitude training from the comfort of the home, ensuring clients are pre-acclimatised for their trip to altitude so they have no need to worry about getting altitude sickness. More people are striving to reach mountain summits and go on extreme adventures at altitude, but are regularly hindered by altitude sickness. AcclimatiseMe can simulate altitude up to 8000m (the top of Kilimanjaro is 6000m) and the business currently has a 100% summit success rate with its clients.
Ryan O’Rorke (Flavourly)
Flavourly packs up the best award-winning food products from niche, independent producers throughout the UK into a ‘Flavour Box’ and sends them to your door for a monthly cost of £20. The Flavour Box contains a carefully selected range of 8-12 award-winning, great tasting and unique products. The business also offers small food producers the chance to get their products directly into the hands of targeted food loving consumers and trade owners. With thousands of these small food producers looking to extend their reach, the Flavour Boxes will always deliver new, unique and exciting luxury and convenience items each month.
Jennifer Duthie (Skribbies Ltd.)
Skribbies are kids shoes that can be customised everyday from new, much like a whiteboard for shoes. Skribbies have been created with a specially formulated shoe surface and pens that allow kids to draw on their shoes over and over again. Skribbies bring clothing customisation into the 21st century. Every pair of shoes comes with a pack of six pens, monster stickers and a wristband. Use the pens and stickers to customise your shoes and the wristband to wipe off drawings and store a pen for customisation on the go.
Daniel Valdur Eha (Pure Pet Food Ltd)
Pure Pet Food offers a pioneering approach to the premium dog food market. The business manufactures a dehydrated dog food which preserves its ingredients without the need for the harsh cooking processes involved in the production of commercial dry and wet foods, creating a food product with the same nutrients and goodness found in raw and homemade foods. As dog owners become more educated on what is actually in commercial foods and how they are made, many are turning to raw and home-cooked meals due to a lack of commercial options. Pure Pet Food takes away the inconvenience, health risks, and costs that raw feeding and home-cooking can bring, whilst providing a healthier alternative.
Commiserations to Jack Barker (Watkanidoo), Jordan Bourke (Jordan Bourke's Guilt Free Gourmet), Philip Crilly (Eatibbles), Corbyn Munnik (Tapfanatic), Alanna Ford (thinkfresh) and Emma Agese (Agese Oils) who were shortlisted but did not win this time and have been encouraged
to reapply.

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