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November 2017 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme Shortlist Announced!

Thu, 07 December 2017

These five young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme for the month of November!
The Smarter Future Programme provides £5,000 in start-up funding to one winner per month to help young entrepreneurs with the most innovative business ideas to tackle the biggest energy and resource challenges we face.
The five shortlisted businesses for the month of November are:

Marcel Fowler (InfiGear)
InfiGear has designed a new, patent-protected, power transmission chain, named InfiGear Link. The businesses product is a fundamentally different design from all other chain designs and will enable whole transmission systems to save carbon emissions whilst increasing performance and lifetime.
Pierre Guglielmi (WeeWash) 
WeeWash is a small portable dishwasher designed for small spaces, which can save an average of 8,000 litres of water per person, per year.  As WeeWash does not use standard water jet technology, this allows the product to use less water and electricity and clean dishes faster than other dishwashers. By using ultrasound technology, WeeWash will use four times less electricity than a standard dishwasher, require no detergent and use three times less water than washing dishes by hand.
Haydn Kirkman (Airshare Transfers)
Airshare Transfers provides door-to-door airport transfers through the organising of shared taxis by acting as an intermediary between self-employed drivers and customers. Airshare Transfers uses existing mobility solutions more efficiently to reduce both localised congestion and, more broadly, consumption of natural resources. An airport such as Manchester handles over 65,000 vehicles entering it every day, through the more efficient coordination of resources, and subsequent reduction in miles driven, the business anticipates a 50% reduction in fuel consumed and CO2 emitted can be achieved for every customer journey.
Isaac Ramonet (Pure Air Industries) 
Pure Air is developing a product which removes pollution from the air. The business’ product can be attached to any light post alongside busy roads where they catch diesel fumes from passing vehicles. These are then put through different processes where particulate matter, VOCs and other greenhouse gases, including CO and CO2 are removed.
Matthew Rowe (MATR) 
MATR is a small yet powerful air purifier that incorporates an air quality wearable. MATR utilises technology initially developed by NASA to destroy particulates instead of storing them like traditional purifiers do. MATR crowdsources pollution data which is then shared with users via the businesses app that can be viewed straight from a user’s device. The app can also send alerts to help safeguard users from areas of poor air quality, ultimately improving health.


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