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Everyone needs money to support their business idea(s), but sadly there aren’t many grants around and the ones that are available tend to be for small amounts of money, or very specific about what they will or won’t pay for.

Grants and Loans

Grants are financial assistance for specific projects, eg the production of promotional materials or the restoration of a shopfront.

Competitions and Awards

Competitions and Awards

In this article we have compiled a list of all of the business competitions and awards that we know of. A great resource for anyone looking for start-up funding.


Information on how you can use Crowdfunding to raise finance for your business or project.

Investors and Business Angels

In order to help your business grow, you might want to bring in outside investment in return for a stake in your business and a share of your profits.

The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch

The term ‘elevator pitch’ is used to describe the overview or presentation that an entrepreneur might give to describe their business, products or services to an investor or business angel.

The Business Plan

If you're a startup, writing a business plan is a great way to gather all your thoughts and ideas together in one place, no matter how poorly formed they might be at this stage.

Thinking Strategically at the Business Planning Stage

Many small businesses starting up think of strategic or long-term planning as something that is only undertaken by large businesses.

Preparing Your Business Plan

A good business plan is a complete description of a business and its plans for the next one to three years.

Contents of a Business Plan

So what should you include in your business plan?

The Value Proposition of a Business

How to describe the Value Proposition of your business to customers, clients and potential business partners or investors by Steven Leach (UnLtd) for Shell LiveWIRE.

Why You Need a Business Plan: The Importance of Planning

The best businesses see business planning as a continuous activity setting both long-term and short-term goals and objectives. Both are important, as is regular monitoring to determine if goals and objectives are being met.

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