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The Grand Ideas Awards are a process which gives as much back to the applicant as what it asks from them - the process requires a clear business idea, a good understanding of where the key success factors in the idea will be and a willingness to put yourself out there for people to judge - these are all important when it comes to running a business anyway. 

Richard Curran and Jamie Curran, Low Price Lessons

bio-bean: Sustainable Solutions Powered by Coffee Grounds

Founded in 2013 by architecture student Arthur Kay, bio-bean started as a solution to recycle coffee grounds into biofuels. That idea has grown into an award-winning business, & bio-bean recently launched its second advanced biofuel product – Coffee Logs

Spotlight on March's Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme winner, Elena Dieckmann, co-founder of FeatherFill

Elena Dieckmann won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in March 2016 for her business, FeatherFill.

Construction solutions for a smarter, more sustainable future (Interview with Tom Robinson, Founder of Adaptavate)

The 2015 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Tom Robinson is the founder of Adaptavate, a company making the next generation of building materials more sustainable and energy efficient. Last week, we caught up with Tom to talk about the inspiration behind his business and its contribution to a low carbon economy.

April 2016 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme Shortlist Announced!

These five young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme for the month of April!

Adaptavate is May's Featured Business of the Month

Tom Robinson won a Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award for his business Adaptavate in June 2015 before going on to be shortlisted for, and win, the 2015 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.