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University Student


Does anybody have any information about who is applicable to enter this apart from age.

Organisations like the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust will not go near me because I am a full time student.

Once I get my business set up I plan to leave university but until then will I still be considered for an award?

Thanks for the help,

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lordlancaster's Avatar lordlancaster lordlancaster is offline
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The difference between The Prince's Trust and Shell LiveWIRE programmes

Hi Douglas,

Each sponsored/funded enterprise programme or start-up competition that I know of has its own eligibility criteria.

The Prince's Trust and PSYBT are primarily focused on supporting 'young, disadvantaged people' aged 18-30 which in general terms means people with little or no qualifications, a deprived background or struggling in some other way. Their Enterprise Programme therefore excludes people who are at University and considered to not be disadvantaged in comparison to others they work with.

Meanwhile, the only criteria for our £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards is that you are:
  • Aged 16-30
  • Based in the UK
  • Are starting a new business (or have been running one for less than 12 months)
If you satisfy these 3 criteria then I'd encourage you to apply online at

Outside of our awards, anyone of any age is welcome to use the free information contained on our Business Library, Video Lounge and of course this Discussion Forum too.

Hope this helps!
Paul Lancaster
Content & Social Media Specialist
Sage One UK
Follow me on Twitter @lordlancaster
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