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OT: House buying legal question


Does anyone here know what seraches a Solicitor carries out when buying a house? Also, if you buy a house and the previous person had bad debt can that affect you?

Thanking you
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Sunee Sunee is offline
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The solicitor will search for your wallet sorry, only joking.
Try an on-line conveyancing service, like

On the debt matter; if the previous person has the same surname as you, that may inadvertently link your two credit files together. Other than that, the previous person should have no affect on your credit file.

The possible danger is from whoever moves into your previous address, as if they are dishonest, they may try to steal your identity.

So to protect yourself, try and do the following:-
Pay Royal Mail to divert your post to your new address
Contact the Mailing Preference Service to stop marketing mail being sent to old address
Inform all the necessary companies that you are moving (Banks, Utilities etc.)
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natasha natasha is offline
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Lol sunee, yes it does feel like they search for your wallet first!

The solicitors do searches like local authority search, bankruptcy search and a few others i cant remember them off the top of my head.

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Showgirl Showgirl is offline
Join Date: May 2005
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Thanx guys
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Simon Seaton Simon Seaton  is offline
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Might be a bit late but here you go ..

As for what conveyancing searches are needed , all conveyancing purchase matters will require at least a land registry priority search to be carried out prior to completion and if mortgage lender finance is required satisfactory search results for at least a local authority search (whether personal or official) and a drainage and water search, both of which should be contained within the sellers Home Information Pack. In instances where the conveyancing searches have been provided by unregulated or insured parties or the searches are deemed to be out of date under Council for Mortgage Lenders Instructions to Conveyancing Solicitor or are in any way unacceptable in this regard it will be for your conveyancing solicitor or conveyancing lawyer to remedy the situation by way of arrangement of indemnity insurance covering your mortgage lender or by obtaining new conveyancing search results at additional cost to you including additional disbursement fees.

Hope this helps.

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HBC HBC is offline
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With regard to the question of searches required by solicitors, certainly in Scotland the prices vary considerably. A good solicitor should be able to negotiate a good price. As a starting position, you could contact to see what they can do for you.

A good conveyancing solicitor is like a good accountant - they'll save you money in the right places!
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