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Not Sure If I'm Allowed To Post This

Hi all:

Not sure if I'm allowed to ask a question about this type of industry, but if I'm not, I'm sure someone will remove it.

I am just about to set up an adult themed site.

It will have exposing pictures that will only be available to existing members, so I need some sort of password facility on the main page.

I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can go about doing this, becuase of all the ones I have already looked at, I can get past the password protection (and I ain't no computer wiz kid).

Also I need to make sure minors will not have access to a membership with us. Anyone got any ideas on how I can prevent this.

All replys greatly welcomed.


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Cant help sorry, but, will shell members get free access. ''
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Whoever does your payment processing will most likely also be able to supply code to manage the members/passwords.

There is no industry standard for age verification, the assumption used to be if you have a credit card you are 18+.

Unless you know what you're doing, seek legal advice as the law in this country compared to say US or Holland is very different... all sorts of things to trip you up like obscenity / proof of age / model release forms + proof of their age / copyright ... list goes on.
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