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elena elena is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: north london
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Finding affiliates

Do any of you run an affiliate scheme?

Mine was set up yesterday but how do i go about finding people that run sites with links?

Is it the norm to contact sites you would like your banner on direct?

ooh la laa
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Jay Jay Lennon Jay Jay Lennon is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Sep 2002
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I tried this and had a few knock backs, but most people are happy to run affiliate schemes given that its a two way advertising process.

Our challenge was that the people we were asking to advertise for us already had a preferred supplier for payroll services. As we were new to the market and unproven at that stage, we decided to gain a reputation for excellence before asking again!!!

I just emailed the webmasters directly. Sometimes you get a delayed response, but 100% of them replied.

Hope this helps

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Cheesy Cheesy is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
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I know this nothing to do with web based affiliate scheme's but have you not thought about trying to market your products through other media!!

certain gentlemans magazines e.g FHM and so on!!

You supply the models with lingerie return for a bit of advertising or something!!

or womens magazines along the same lines, perhaps contact modelling agencies and so on!!

Dont know.....just an idea!!
Maybe worth it just for the word of mouth promotion from the models themselves!!
Im sure theres plenty of bigger busted models out there....

not that I know about this kinda stuff of course!!!
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