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Megalegs Megalegs is offline
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Domain names & hosting


I have asked a question regarding this on the forum, however I am still very confused about how the whole website thing works. Can anyone explain the whole process for registering a domain and hosting? Does it matter which agent I choose - there are so many out there? Its all quite overwhelming & I don't really understand how it all works. Whats the best thing to do first?

Thanks in advance
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Shellfish Shellfish is offline
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Hello Megalegs,

I think the question you need to ask yourself is do you just want the domain (i.e. the name, so or do you want a website too?

When I set up my own web-based business I bought the domain first (because I was worried that the name I wanted might go) and then hired the web designers to build the actual site. I bought the domain names (.com and as they're the big ones to go for) through a company called Easily but if you do a search on Google on something like 'cheap domain names' you'll come up with lots of other similar companies. It doesn't really matter which one of these you choose unless you have specific requirements (for example some of them offer 'website creator' type tools so you can build your own website, if that's what you want to do, and others offer a 'DNS control panel' which will make it easy for your web designers to stick your site on that domain once it's built).

In terms of creating the website, that bit comes next - you can either try a DIY job ourself (in which case I'd suggest going for a domain registration company that has website building tools and hosting thrown in) or else you can get a web designer.

Once you've got the site ready, that's where hosting comes in. If you're doing a DIY website, hosting may be thrown in free, but otherwise, this is one that your web designers will sort out. The cost will depend on what you need - my site for example is built in Coldfusion and has quite a lot of visitors, so it's a bit more expensive and complicated to get hosting for it.

I hope that helps but do come back if it still doesn't make sense - I was very confused on this myself initially and it's only now that my business is up and running that I've finally understood it a bit better! Good luck with your idea,

Best wishes,

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