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miss jovani miss jovani is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 4
assistance with marketing.


three months ago i started selling freshly squeezed juice and other refreshment such as cappuccino and cafe lattes in a very trendy market. the market was earning me over three hundred a day and that was on an average day. sadly i no longer have the spot in that market any more and other markets didn't have the clientele i was after.

iv been thinking about opening a juice bar/cafe because i realised there is a potential market for this type of business and i was wondering if i can get assistance with market research and putting together a good business plan.

thank you.
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Shellfish Shellfish is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Posts: 50
Hello Miss Jovani,

I'm not quite sure what kind of assistance you mean - are you looking for pointers on where to start or for funding for the plan and research?

Assuming it's the first of these, so that you need some pointers, have you been through the registration process at the homepage and looked at the Shell LiveWire on business planning? That might be a silly question, but I just thought I'd check as not everyone has, and the info they send you and that you can then access on the website too is a good starting point. Once you've registered, just open your briefcase and check the downloads section you'll see a document 'writing your first business plan' and also some market research help. There's also a whole section on business planning here on this site:

I also found that banks were quite a good source of info on how to write a business plan - the HSBC and Barclays factsheets were quite good and some banks supply disks or CDs where they ask you the relevant questions.

Business Link is another useful source - they produce a general startup info guide and although I can't find it on their website at but I know they send one out if you call 0845 600 9 006.

Regarding market research, the experience you already have of retailing juices is a fantastic start, so you probably have the basics of your research in that. What was it that made you successful - the location, the products, your service? Other things you could look at include:

- Who your customers will be (students? commuters? shoppers?) and what they want (just a drink or a snack too? sofas or bistro tables?)
- Who your competition is (are they successful and if so why? what do they offer and charge and how do they promote?)

I also had another thought which is that one of the recent northern Shell LiveWire Young Entrepreneur of The Year finallists was actually running a small chain of juice bars called Fruit Boost. I'm not sure if they'd feel able to help, as you're a competitor although maybe not in the same area as them. It might be worth asking them though if they'd talk to you on the phone for half an hour. There's an article about them at:

I hope this helps and good luck with your idea,

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