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Sara Sara is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
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Truly innovative marketing tips


I have recently started my own event management company, having worked in the industry for many years. HOWEVER.... I am desparately seeking marketing ideas.

Obviously event management is a service, ususally to medium to large organisations. I am excellent with creative stage set, productions, designing exhibition stands but when it comes to marketing ideas I have drawn a blank.

Can anyone help?

Is cold calling the only effective option?

Have tried mailshots and kind of fell dead!

Any options well received.


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gary gary is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: London, UK
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I think the important thing is to identify the decision-makers involved in sourcing your service. This may be PA's or secretaries or the marketing department for example. Then target those people.

Think about where they would look for someone to manage their event. If you were a PA and your boss asked you to arrange an event, where would you like for help? Most likely Yellow Pages and the internet. Have you covered both those areas?

Do you know any PA's? Ask them that question as see where they find event managers and make sure you have those areas covered.

As you deal with medium+ organisations, have a look at magazines etc that target those areas. Growing Business is one that can be found at WH Smiths and there are probably a lot more.

Can you team up with other companies that maybe have contacts and want to extend their services?



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joshdhaliwal's Avatar joshdhaliwal joshdhaliwal is offline
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Location: Covent Garden, London
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One possible idea

One way of accessing the information that Gary refers to maybe is to use an email or telephone survey. This will not only help you identify the person responsible without them feeling that they are being sold to from the first instant (which can result in an adverse reaction) but also gives you an in-road into the company allowing you to tailor future mailers to each company or individual based on their requirements/needs.

A focus of the interview or survey might be what are the difficulties they find i.e. sourcing venues, reliable catering etc.
Josh Dhaliwal
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a'k a'k is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
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hye sara,
If I could have a moment of your time, how are you?

I am a graduate with a Graphic Design background – and I am looking for freelance / work within the fields of thinking and doing, as my main qualities are harnessed towards Visual Language – coming up with solutions to problems. I was hoping to join a team of creators, venturing into fields that inspire me – Advertising, Interior, Editorial, Photography, Illustration, Fashions, Typography, Music, Architecture, Production, Moving Images. Everything that is Visual. Graphic design has 79 possibilities; so I like to see myself as visual language person, as visuals are the things that inspire me and language are the things I learn from and designing is the playfulness ethos to how I think.
"The future will be broadly based across platforms and media," and visual thinking is good place to start.
And I would like to see how lady luck folds for me.

My styles of work are a process of methods that incorporates a sense of control and use of subconscious ideas. I use programmes and equipment to bring together messages that combine an intriguing and simple look as well as feel.

I would love the opportunity to combine thoughts and shaping it towards an aspiration.
If we could arrange a time to show you some visuals, I would love to get your thoughts towards my work... if you could stimulate me, feel welcome to give me a tinkle or drop me an e.

here's to a joyful + magical year...

with hope + fun, aklak

(")') designing junkie

ununununununununununununununununununununununununun unununununununun

triple the pleasure... * based in london * mob 0779 000 5330

( mail one of two ) Please think of nurturing, matter of 1 + 1 = 3 ...
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dips dips is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
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get networking

Hi Sara

Join some women's business networks where the 'professions' attend. In my experience pa's and marketing managers attend these events. All contracts that I've gained have come about through networking in the large business arena. Start-up and SME networks are good for moral support but not clinching events management contracts.

I've been an entertainment agent for several years but supplimented my income with pr & marketing consultancy. I have managed several corporate hospitality events and hope to expand in this area however I lack the technical, production knowledge and experience that you have, so there may be ways for us to help each other.
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dynamitedesign dynamitedesign is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Norfolk but origianally a Leeds boy
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Hope this helps

Good luck with your venture.

My company is a marketing / design agency.

One of our clients is an event organiser from Harrogate. 2 years ago he spent £XX,000 on a major marketing campaign aimed at PA's, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers. All targets recipients were obtained from clean lists and all mailouts went direct to decision makers. The response rate was 11.5% and over a 12 month period evened out to 8.2%.

2 years on he spends nothing on his marketing costs apart from the odd update to brochures etc... All this companys clients have come from direct marketing including Virgin.

The moral to this story is if your direct marketing is targeted just to decision makers you will by process of ellimination get results. You could of course sit on the phone all day creating your own cleaned list for you to market this would cut down on the cost.

Bear in mind that you will make approximately 70 call's / day of which you will only clean 20% of that figure (people will be out / on lunch etc...)

If you have the finances to conduct a marketing campaign look for a marketing and design agency who have experience. Remember this is YOUR livelihood they are playing with.

Good luck and if you need any advice please call our office.

Gary Beet
Creative Director
click for web site
01603 270 505
>>> <<<
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greg13 greg13 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
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no mkg tips

YOu should know that nobody will never give its marketing tips with nothing in returns...

I have some but I better keep them for now.

Why dont u hire an employee with good ideas?
Peace love and fun!

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