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elena elena is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
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Im considering setting up an affiliate scheme, whereby people can earn a percentage on sales that come throught their website.

Ive managed to haggle down the prices but now im still not sure.

Does anyone have an affiliate scheme or do you earn money from sales to other companies sites.

What do you think? Is it worth the investment?


Ooh La Laa
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joshdhaliwal's Avatar joshdhaliwal joshdhaliwal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Covent Garden, London
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I think that Amazon run a similar scheme for book sales with an affiliate scheme for sites redirecting to their site for purchases. I have no idea how this is administered.

We use 3rd party sites for sales and marketing whereby we pay a set commission for all sales generated by them. This works well for us as all our reports are published as electronic copies which allow the re-seller to fulfill the whole transaction and pay us a sum minus their commission.

I can offer guidance on the contract as we use set templates which we tailor to each reseller in terms of their duties and commissions we pay.
Josh Dhaliwal
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oliphaunt's Avatar oliphaunt oliphaunt is offline
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Affiliate Scheme

Doing an affiliate scheme means, that you actually have to keep to your word and pay the people, ones you have set up an agreement with them.

As this seems to be not so easy for everybody, I would strongly recommend, to think about it, before setting it up.

Have a great day
Oliphaunt Design
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PAUL1 PAUL1 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
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i put affiliates on my web site you could sign your affiliate up to trade doulber
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Warlow Warlow is offline
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Join Date: May 2002
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I have seen a site ( which gives some free advice on how to run such schemes.
Not been in it so don't know how good it is but may be a good starting place for you.

Small Business Success
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mattstreet mattstreet is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
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RE: Affiliates

Hi Elena

Hope all is well with you?
There are several companies out there who let companies sign up with them and they promote your business in the form of an affiliate scheme, i.e. they send out mailshots/newsletters to websites signed up with them, they promote your website on theirs etc.
Some of the popular ones are the following:-

Affiliate Window
Commission Junction

It really depends on your budget as they can be expensive but if you wanted to set your own affiliate scheme up and promote it only on your website, then you will have to buy the software which allows you to track the sales (i.e. what sales came from a click from another website!!)
From what I remember Affiliate Window charge £1k to setup everything for you, and there is an ongoing monthly fee of £50, on top of that you have to pay the commissions to the websites which generated you the orders, there is also an override commission to Affiliate Window of 30% of all orders.

For example, say you generated an order of £10 which came from a link on my website at 2cSouthend, and you pay me 10% commission.
That would mean you pay me £1 for generating the sale (10% of £10), and 30p (30% override commission of £1) for Affiliate Window.
The £8.70 is yours.
Hope that is helpful

Matt Street
UK Mobiles
UK Ringtones
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gary gary is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: London, UK
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Affiliate programs can be very useful, provided they are run properly. If there are problems it can do more damage than good. Typical problems include sales not being recorded correctly, late payment, changing affiliate terms, and affiliates that abuse the system.

There are established affiliate managers out there but they can be expensive. The best known are Tradedoubler (, Affiliate Window (, DGM2 ( and Commission Junction ( Affiliate managers will set up the programme for you, track your sales, and handle registrations and payments.

You can also buy off the shelf packages, or if you are using an existing shopping cart system this may have an affiliate programme built into it. If you've had your shop custom designed, perhaps the designers can do something for you. Some affiliate management scripts can be found at Hotscripts (

You should also have a look at the UK Affiliate Marketing Forum at for some comments on current affiliate programmes.



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