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Type Rite Type Rite is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 12
Broadening My Marketing To London From Liverpool What Do You Think?

Hello all,

I have recently asked for some help with marketing my business and have had lots of responses from you all which I am about to try out. Thanks a lot.

My business is Secretrial Services specialising in all aspects of legal work for mainly solicitors and barristers as well as working for other types of businesses. I have done some resarch and it has shown that legal secreatries in the London area are earning £20-£25K per annum whilst legal secretaries here in Merseyside are earning £10-£13K also secreatrial services companies and temping agencies charge double what is charged here.

Do you think it would be worth marketing our services to e.g. solicitors and barristers firms in London and work for them via fax, e-mail and the postal system or would it be too far fetched.



Your suggestions and thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated as we don't want to just plough ahead and waste lots of money in advertising costs etc etc if it's not worth it.

Thanks very much.

Tracey & Lindsey.

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JamesT JamesT is offline
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 3

I was just thinking that why dont you offer students cheap rates for typing up projects, dissertations etc. There are plenty of Universities in the North West that offer Law courses.

Plus when these students graduate many will move all over the country and when thier firms are under admin pressure they will remeber the good service you gave and recommend you to thier boss.

good luck

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Chris Chris is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: West London
Posts: 5
Hello Tracey & Lindsay

I would say you need to pitch your services as a highly viable outsourced administration tool. By outsourcing their secretarial requirements to you they would save themselves from any employee liability, national insurance contributions and initial outlays in terms of office equipment that would come with employing an in house secretary.

Outsourcing plays a very significant role in the London market, especially to small/start up businessí. Those that have a requirement for this type of service but may have budget restriction preventing them from sourcing this type of role internally.

Iím currently working as a Group Management Accountant for a company in London and have recently started turning my financial and commercial acumen into a viable, revenue generating proposition. Most SMEíS donít have the funding or need for a full time accountant and therefore will look to outsource this requirement. I found it very helpful to conduct various case studies in order to gauge the likely traction of such a service.

If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards

Chris Button
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Helene Buckley Helene Buckley is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Basingstoke
Posts: 24
Hi Tracey and Lindsay

Given that the size of law firms in London vary greatly - from two to 200 partners - I would personally approach the smaller firms and chambers first.

A simple, but professionally written letter should do the trick - personally, at this stage, I don't think there's any need to invest in glossy brochures or leaflets etc. The legal world is still quite stuffy.

Remember, solicitors and barristers are much more concerned with quality than price, so make a point of advertising this. Once you've sent the letter, make a follow-up phone call a few days later.

I would imagine a list of law firm is available from The Law Society or alternatively, go to your local university careers library and take a look at the Trainee Handbook - this will list many of the London firms (and all there contact details, including the name of their HR person).

Do you offer a transcribing service? This is definitely something that is regularly outsourced!

Feel free to email me directly if I can be of any more help.

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Type Rite Type Rite is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 12
Thanks Chris & Helene ,

Thanks for that info it is very useful, I would have e-mailed you but you never left your e-mail addresses.

I have a few problems though. We do prize ourselves and make a point of being a fast, efficient and accurate typing service. We send out a mailshot letter (which I have attached below if you wish to have a nose!) and we either send that by post or e-mail. If we send by post we have leaflets that I have designed and print myself which we attach to the letter (which doesn't cost that much) or if I send by e-mail I have designed a quite excellent Powerpoint Presentat ion which looks well I thinks it looks very professional and plays like a web site with typing sounds etc (which costs nothing). Or if the customer asks for information sending out to them I ask if they prefer a leaflet or CD Rom and then I place the presentation onto CD Rom which is quite good also! The only problem is is I am not that good with telephoning people days later. I know I know that's where I am going wrong but do find it hard.

Also how do I pick out from the long list of London firms which are the small ones and which are the larger firms?

We do offer Transcribing Services ane this is detailed in our services and prices list.

I definately think well I know there is a market for our service as we have worked for Solicitors and Barristers for the last 8 years. We also offer a "try before you buy" type of offer whereby we will transcribe one half side of audio tape for free and send with it a dummy invoice to see if our priced are liked !!!

I just don 't understand where we are going wrong?

Our mailshot letter includes the following

"suitable heading"

"Type Rite Secretarial Services is a business service that has been established to provide secretarial, and typing support to many Solicitors and Barristersí firms throughout the UK helping them to alleviate backlogs of work and are rapidly gaining an excellent reputation".

With the help of modern technology it is now possible to have an off-site office assistant/secretary to help with your secretarial requirements. Use our services in place of a part/full time employee or for covering staff holidays, sickness or maternity leave. We can help with one-off projects through to providing full secretarial support on a regular basis.

Type Rite is a real alternative to an on-site employee, providing a confidential, speedy and reliable service where you only pay for the time and services you require.

Type Rite provides a fast, accurate and efficient typing service specialising in all aspects of legal work to include: Commercial Property, Domestic Conveyancing, Commercial Litigation, Litigation, Criminal, Probate, Employment Law, Divorce & Family, CICA & Personal Injury.

All work undertaken is of good quality and checked thoroughly and handled by fully trained legal secretaries. If however any amendments are required to any such work at the fault of Type Rite this will be done at no extra charge.

If we can be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact our Miss Jones on 0151 236 9360 who will be delighted to help.


T A Jones

Your views would be greatly appreciated!

Tracey & Lindsey.
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Karl Karl is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: London
Posts: 43

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for the info and welcome to the forum!

Do you have a website? (i may have missed it).

Do you deal with Medical dictation? ie: referral letters from doctors to doctors? I have a network of docs across the UK that may need your services if you do.

I hope i can help, but i will have to keeps this message a suitable length as i am no typer!

Good luck.
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Type Rite Type Rite is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 12

Thanks Karl,

Yes we do medical secretarial work also and we do dictation transcribing also.

I shall e-mail you with further details as my web site is not that good at the moment and is being transformed at the weekend therefore I will send you an e-mail with an attachment instead.

Any new clients would be greatly appreciated.

Tracey & Lindsey.
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DavidHa's Avatar DavidHa DavidHa is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: North-West England
Posts: 24

Another avenue to explore is Architectural practices, another arm of the professional outsourced services sector.

Why not try expanding a little closer to home, there are 312 legal services companies in Manchester, 214 in Leeds, and a staggering 1,865 in both Greater Manchester and Yorkshire combined.

Architectural practices 391 in Manchester, 160 in Leeds, and 1648 in aforementioned geographics.

The problem with the legal sector is it's very institutionalised, security of information is paramount, and as these companies are usually partnerships or private companies they are funded off the bottom line and ultimately the pockets of the partners.

The good side is the ability to grow business by word of mouth, as the word spreads fast.

London, although paying more may be swamped with similar services which can courier around the city in hours. Don't discount it, but the opportunity to grow could be on your doorstep.

Hope this helps somewhat, stay great!

David G M Hawksworth (A IDM)
thinkclearly ltd.
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