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operatelecom operatelecom is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Mar 2004
Posts: 15
Good question ... no I don't own!!!

... however I do rate their service purely because if they don't generate you any candidates you don't pay, and if they do itll cost you 10 per candidate.

I worked in online recruitment for 4 years for a company called, our biggest client was the NHS, hence me knowing the key players in the marketplace.

I currently work for Opera Telecom again promoting websites but nothing to do with recruitment ... all ringtones and mobile media which I'm happy to plug!!
Kind regards

Michelle Hughes
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BizNess BizNess is offline
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Location: london
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On quick question as you seem to know a lot about

It say you pay per response to your advert? - does that mean its 10 for everyone that responds and gets the three questions right or do they have experience recruiters looking through the CVs for you?

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operatelecom operatelecom is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Mar 2004
Posts: 15
You'd have to contact them for their exact T&C's as I don't know.

For us we paid 10 per candidate response, however to be fair the were very targetted and I'm sure you'll agree much cheaper than paying a recruitment agency or for a job advert.

If you contact them I'm sure they'll sort a bespoke solution for you.
Kind regards

Michelle Hughes
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gman gman is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Yes its true, the bureaucrats in the nhs + government have made it nigh impossible for start-ups to muscle in on this lucrative medical recruitment market. Some NHS trusts are limited to supply staff solely from a select list of providers/agencies. These agencies have been heavily scrutinised and validated in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness etc...all the qualities that a good agency should provide. Indeed having read the criteria by which new agencies can apply to be part of the NHS supply contract iI felt it a daunting task at best. it seems medical recruitment may not be as great a start up opportunity as it once was- I am not trying to put you off the idea, but it is something that I have been looking into for the best part of the year, and I have conclued that the competition to supply hosptal doctors to the nhs directly is perhaps not the best ideas due to current legislation. I am sure that there is some one in...and in true entrepreneural talk if there is no way in through the front door, there must must be some one in through the back.

Hope I have not been too pessimistic. Good luck.


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