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tredman1978 tredman1978 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
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How much funding do I require ?

I am looking to start my own Office Night Out events organisation company. The idea would be to organise office nights out for medium to large companies in the South East/G.London area's.
We would plan office nights out in London, organising Limo Hire, Restuarant booking, Night Club Guest Lists, Go Karting & paintballing events.
Initially we would not be focusing on Corporate get togethers, more the day to day staff who often do not get to go to the glitsy functions. I plan to price the evening as a all in one price depending which package the clients would be looking for.
Although a website is a must, money will also be needed for the advertising mailshots, promotions etc etc as well as for the day to day running cost of the company.
How much capital would I need to raise for initial outlay - I do not have a fantastic credit rating and neither do I have a home I can borrow against. Do you think this is a viable option ? I have been doing some reseach on the internet to see if there are similar company's out there, however I cannot find a company that offers the service I am looking to provide. Surely hard work only gets you so far, what would be the next step to raise the captial I need ?
Thanks for your help in advance.
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Andrewgadd Andrewgadd is offline
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Have you put a spreadsheet together? Profit & Loss and a Cash Flow? These are the only way you'll be able to work out how much money you need.

The last time I checked, the High Street Banks gave away this software free of charge with their starter packs. (They assume you have MS Excel on your PC, but plug in all the right formula and ask you the right questions.)

A spreadsheet is the only tool to answer the two vital questions:
1) How much do I need to...?
2) What if I...? (ie: increased my spending on this, but it generated more sales etc)

Does this help? Let me know.

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Statler's Avatar Statler Statler is offline
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Hi Daniel,

You may also find the Shell LiveWIRE Finance Action Planner (FAP) of use:

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