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Louise Coldwell Louise Coldwell is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: North East
Posts: 55
Sea Freight.....

Hi All

I'm in bit of predicament at moment...

Arranged a Sea Freight job for one of my customers month ago now,import from Shanghai to Port Felixstowe Uk...

My problem is often very customers supplier in China wont release the Bill of Laden until he has recieved payment in his account from my uk customer.

This is his only security of receiving psyment from uk customer.

This is posing major problems as my customer in uk is delaying payment.

He wants goods delivered on time and without any extra charges,but as i advised him i need the documents for customs clearence and i late will accrue port charges.

Goods are due to arrive in the uk on Tuesday 07/02/03 and still unsucessful in contacting my uk custiomer to chase payment for docs.

I know that will probably accrue port charges but affraid that customer wont pay them...

Have thought about getting goods delivered directly to myself and holding them until have something in writing agreeing that my customer will accept payment and charges?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!

Kind Regards

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dragontiger2001 dragontiger2001 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 1
use L/C letter of credit or D/P payment

you can try to use (L/C (letter of credit) payment, But depend on How Much your mechandise cost.

If u have any problem in China, Let me know, I am specialized in
IMP/EXP Business, especially, In China.

Possible can help u find good source in China, if You are luck to find a good supply, they can offer you goods by D/P.

01506 416 304
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Transconnex Transconnex is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 41
Ok, i run an air/ seafreight forwarder, so i know exactly what your problem is.
The L/C isnt somethign that you can get involved in arranging, as the contract is between your client and his supplier.
What you need to make your client aware of is that your hands are totally tied until he pays for the goods.
Under NO circumstances should you pay out any money on your clients behalf, as if heis quibbling paying his supplier, whats to say he wont muck you around as well.
I am speaking from experience on this one, as i was once left with a 40 ft container of garfield advent calendars in my warehouse.
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