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Approaching retailers/agents

I currently manufacture modern furniture quite successfully, and am working on a couple of new products at the moment. My problem is twofold -
(1)I am not sure how to decide who my target market are - i.e. do I use expensive parts/fittings etc and aim at the designer market or go for the less expensive side of things? How do I decide?
(2) I would like to approach large retailers and am considering selling my design(s) to them as I do not have the space to manufacture on a large scale - I had thought of the possibility of using an agent. I have no idea how to go about any of this, as previously I have just sold through galleries.
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1) What kind of furniture sells the best? Would it be possible to cater for both markets? Which group of customers gives you the most business?

2) I'd recommend getting to a few trade exhibitions (trade magazines should be a good source of information) and talking to people in the business. See who is offering what, and find out where your products can fit in.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress,

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