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Loan Help.

I am looking for a loan of approx. £15,000 for equipment to start a new business, i already have access to a comercial premesis, i have made a booklet with business details, calculated everthing, and am basically now only looking for financial backing. please could you tell me where to get this loan from, the problem at the moment is that i am not working, and want to get an un-secured loan, with approx 6-7.9% APR payable over 7-10 years, with a 3-6 month holiday period at the begining of the loan. Thanx
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The most obvious places to go would be the high street banks, many of which offer loans specifically aimed at businesses.

However, you may want to see if you are eligible for an Enterprise Grant:

The Economic Development department (or equivalent) at your local council may also offer financial assistance to new businesses.

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