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A Little Help And Info Needed

My Name is Christopher Davies and i manage a family run independent company which offers a range of services for both public consumers and writers and publishers. Our online book store has been offering secondhand books since 2004. We carry a general and varied inventory of used and out-of-print titles for Roleplay Gamers. Scarce, odd, and antiquarian copies are also offered for the collector. Overall, we stock around 70% hardcover, and 30% trade paperback. We own and have in-hand each book described and listed for sale - with few exceptions.

As well as the large stock of secondhand books we offer, Twisted Chronicles is also a independent distributor of NEW Rolyplay Games but only games that have been produced and printed by small independent game designers. And we are also looking at stocking CCG's.

But as of late we have gone from a small stock of around 200 tittles to around 2000, and rather than just supplying the local games clubs and our Online Chat members we want to be able to reach a wider market base.

The current website we have i coded myself and due to very little skill with a PC i had no idea how to build in a database to make changing are online stock easier, as of such i'm looking to get a new e-commerce site with a easy to populate database so i can keep stock up todate.

As we are still a small company and if anyone knows the book market profits are tight i'm looking for a competive quote, we are happy for the site to keep the look and feel of the old one but are up for any ideas in reguards to a redesign if the Web Developer thinks its best. Also we currently take payment through the website with paypal, on the new site would this be possible or would it be better to use a different system and if so whats best to use, the price or it and whats involed in getting it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Yours Christopher Davies

Twisted Chronicles Independent Roleplay Games Distributor
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