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businesslady1 businesslady1 is offline
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Has anyone have any experience or views on the service that Fedex or DHL provide?

If not what shipment/courier service have you used when buying goods from abroad?

Regards xxx
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Anonymoose Anonymoose is offline
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I deal with DHL, Fedex, Securicor everyday at work - we import a lot of stuff from the states. I find them OK to deal with and customer services are friendly and knowledgable. You can arrange it so they will do all the importation paperwork for you and authorise the goods through customs. Although they are expensive (although better rates can be got if you really push for them) it does save a lot of time and effort (not to mention confusion!) if you pay for this service.

I'd recomend them cos they don't make many errors with the bills and can deliver goods from the states in two days and from New Zealand in three - that takes some beating!

Hope this helps

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SaverSoftware SaverSoftware is offline
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Couriers Used


In the past twelve month since the business I must of used 99% of the couriers available in the UK and have put my decision into using one from the following:

- Local Service & Location Nearby affects their quality

- Are you driven by Price or Service ?

I chose Business Post because they are a good service & quite effective on price.

Their IT / Web Services are good as well


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gbox gbox is offline
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Another good courier company is UPS especially if importing or exporting to/from the US. I find TNT the most expensive and Parcel Farce (sorry Force!!) the worst service. Hopefully the will buck up there ideas after 2004 (deregulation)
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Louise Coldwell Louise Coldwell is offline
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In reply to DHL/Fed-Ex....I have very good knowledge of the majority of carriers and agents as used to work for worldwide carrier company at Teesside Airport(***)Co.Durham.I have recently set up my own logistics and distribution company.....i deal with,arrange,advise,organise and invoice companies who use my svs weather small or large.Companies will find that if they dont send or spend a certain amount per week with these carriers that in most cases wont be entitiled to any discount.

I advise whoever needs to use carriers to shop round and find the best poss price and service and do your comparisons!

If whoever would like more info on my svs or i can be of any help,then i can be contacted by e-mail.

Hope this has been of help...

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leehellcat leehellcat is offline
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All good in their own way

It all depends on what you want. Each of the large couriers does something good.
UPS will give you such a large discount that I know they almost make a loss for one of there larger customers, but their speed to the States and the more bizarre parts of europe are not so good.

Fedex are quite expensive but depending on your location they can deliver next day to a lot of destinations. I am quite lucky as my local fedex station is Stansted which is where all of their flights go from in the UK.

TNT are just very expensive for some reason, and I have never really been impressed with them.

Parcel Force have one thing going for them. The do not charge on Volumetric weight yet, so if you sent an empty box that weighs 2 Kns but volumes to 30Kgs you only pay for 2 Kgs, so although their service is a bit slower, you can win hands down in this situation.

Interlink and Business Post are both much the same in my eyes, neither really stand out above each other in any way. I have always been fairly impressed with City Link, but do not know what there charges are like.

In the end, it all boils down to what you want out of a courier. My curren temployer uses at least 10 different couriers, depending on what we want them to do. We use different couriers to europe and the states depending on how urgent the packages are, and use about 10 UK sameday and next day couriers.
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timbrown123 timbrown123 is offline
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Very informative, thanks!
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