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Website Advice

Hi, i am interested in registering a website but would like to know a few things

If you want to register a website what have you found to be the most effective extension, .com, .net, If you are based in the UK, is it better to have a uk website or is com better???

Also what have people found about similar sites with different extensions??? Eg if your site is, similar sites such as, etc. Has this helped your website or been a problem???

I am interested in knowing what attracts customers?? Do you normally search sites and do shorter domains or unusual domains attract???

All advice is much appreciated

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ebonny ebonny is offline
Starting Out
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Normally, the most popular in the UK is, the US
Try to avoid .biz, .org or .net., they are for business and government organisations.
If you want to search for possible names to call your website, try a url checker site such as

There are many helpful ways of driving traffic to your site, including meta-tag descritions. Meta tag structure and meta tag code are important tools in search engine optimization.
You can find more information about these at

Hope this helps.

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amberene amberene is offline
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I always get .com as it's the first one people try out. I also buy the one as well if it's for business purposes. It costs £10 for a domain, so £20 is neither here nor there. Don't worry about the other extensions.
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Martin Martin is offline
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My thought's.

Keep the domain fairly simple, shorter the better but still within meaning for your site.

The .com extension is more generic in that everyone "can" use it because it's not (really) tied down to a country. If your primary area for business is the UK, then having the extension might give your visitors more trust.

I would say register every main extension for your name, heck for the sake of a few quid you've protected anyone else from your pitch. But if someone else does have the other extension don't be too put-off unless the business is along the same lines.

I am interested in knowing what attracts customers?? Do you normally search sites and do shorter domains or unusual domains attract???
Keep It Simple Stupid - The simplier everything is the more chance of stumbling upon it, like, etc.... But other than that not alot of people will search for your site by typing in random domains. Instead you need to be listed in the search engines and gain a good placement.

Nearly any Search Engine worth it's salt ignores Meta-Tags when indexing. The reason being they can easily be faked and the user won't be directed to the content they really want.

Once listed in the Search Engines, once again the domain extensions don't normally matter that much if it's one of the main ones. (.com, .net, and even .biz)

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Bumptastic Bumptastic is offline
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if you're uk based go for

as an online customer who regularly shops for things which are available on loads of sites but trying to find the best price I want to find it quickly, with I know immediately it's a UK based site, you type in 'bricks' to google and you get a list of sites that sell bricks I am far more likely to click on a site than a .com because i know for a fact it's based in the UK and I'm not wasting my time.

I am very impatient when it comes to websites and if it isn't obvious in the first 2 seconds where you're based I'll probably go elsewhere, does away with the ambiguity.

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Sherry_D Sherry_D is offline
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For me personally .com or doesnt really make a difference. I think American websites generally have a different feel to the UK ones which is something you can easily notice. The websites i tend to think a bit doggy are the ones like .biz .net etc
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Incepto Incepto is offline
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I think for products, I would definately look at a, unless im buying some expensive electrical item, like an apple system, ipods and the like (although I think I would buy them from the apple UK website?).

But on the other hand, if im just ordering a service, with no face to face contact, I would go with anything with a good reputation, be it .com or

For me it would depend on what's on offerand what im lookinf for.

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